Farewell 30 Rock With a Side of Flowers and a Fake Proposal

The finale of one of my favorite shows is happening…. now.  I am on DVR standby until my husband returns from ordering us a rice cooker.  That’s big excitement around here.  I’m pretty bummed to say goodbye to 30 Rock.  That means I have about 2 shows that I sort of care about now.  What show is an absolutely must-adopt?  I’m a TV junkie, but it’s got to be the good stuff.  Well written, likable characters, witty.  Or, a reality show.

Top 12 Most Absurd 30 Rock Moments (DailyBeast) – Please scroll to “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah”, a reference that once got me into trouble at a party.



Beyonce on Lip Syncing at Inauguration (NPR) – Thatta girl.  Everyone can de-bunch their panties now.  I’m very much looking forward to her Super Bowl performance because perfectionists can’t sleep if it’s not done right.

What Not to do When You’re Stressed (HuffingtonPost) – It seems in my world, I get one good day and a succession of stressful ones, so I thought this might be a good list.  I’m not totally sure I agree with all of this, because I almost ALWAYS feel better after chatting with one of my best friends, or having a giant margarita.

J.J. Watt Proposes to 6 Year Old Football Fan (People) – I guess this Houston Texans player has nothing to do in his off season other than contribute to the future therapy bills of this child.  I believed in love since day one, so if at 6, my crush (Patrick Swayze or Peter Pan) ever fake proposed to me, I would have held them to it.  Creepy! #Texas

Item of the Day: Brussels Sprouts (Hello Giggles) – In an effort to balance out some of the fatty discretions I’ve shared with you lately, welcome to my October/November/December 2012 obsession.  Much like the author of this article, I never hated brussels sprouts growing up because my mom hated them for the both of us.  Which means, as a ripe old adult, I tried them for the first time and wanted nothing else.  I like to roast mine until they are so crunchy, I pretend they are french fries.

How and Why Flowers Make You Happy (InBloom.info) – Winter seems like the appropriate time to really hunker down and take care of yourself, and some voice out of the deep blue yonder said to me recently, “buy yourself some flowers!”  Yes, I felt guilty spending the $8.99 for this peppy little pot, but then I saw how sad it was to not spend $8.99.  Everyone needs a little bright, living goodness in their homes.  It’s science.  I feel better already.



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