Port Charles Infiltrates Port Charles, Juice Cleanses, and Kardashian Kravings

I am feeling pretty excited about life today. Here are a few reasons why:

Erin Hershey Presley Returns to GH as Alison Barrington(Daytime Confidential) – I almost peed my pants. I am geeking out pretty badly over all of the Port Charles people infiltrating, uh, the other Port Charles. I realize I was one of like 10 people who watched the now defunct spin-off of General Hospital, but I am getting more and more excited with each familiar face I see return to the canvas. I am a little hesitant though, not about the vampire stuff (I loved that, long before it was “cool” to. I’m dorky), but because I’m afraid it will turn off viewers who aren’t all about it. I trust Ron Carlivati and am super excited to tune in the next few days.


Also, I finally received this:Image

I am itching to link you up to a series of interviews by the talented Nina Barone, of buffalofoodie.com featuring the one, the only, my mom! She semi-gave her permission, so I’m probably just going to go ahead and do that if I can access the article via buffalospree.com come February 1st. Friday. Thank goodness. I’m so over January!

There’s a big Top Chef tonight, the last 30 Rock, ever, tomorrow, and the Super Bowl on Sunday. We’ll have a lot to talk about these next few days now, won’t we?


My 3 Day Juice Cleanse(Health.com) – I am totally fascinated by the juice cleanse. The 3 day, the 10 day, the partial… juicing in general fascinates me, and I am reaching for new reasons to play with my wedding present juicer. What’s held me back so far is fear, and expense. I decided to say, who cares, and invested in some extra produce to work more fresh juices into my diet. I’ve gotten a lot of tips from friends who are doing it and I’ll be sharing those tips, plus other things I’m finding online as I go. Here’s a taste.


Kris Jenner Reveals Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Cravings (HuffingtonPost) – Why this important? Trick question. It’s not important at all. I just figured you might be wondering.

Ashton Kutcher Nearly Identical to Steve Jobs (HuffingtonPost) – Creepy! #toosoon.


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