Snow Day Small Plates of Ryan Gosling, Kale, And Money Saving Secrets

Today is a much better day.  It was a SNOW DAY!  There are some perks to being in the education field, and that is certainly one of them.  When you receive a free mental health day (or in my case, a mental and physical health day, because I’m sick AGAIN), use it wisely.  Care for yourself.  Make warm things in your Crock Pot and watch movies that have been sitting in your DVR queue forever.  Spend hardly any time thinking about what you’ll be blogging about later.  That’s what I did.

Ryan Gosling Casts Actors in Michigan (Brighton Patch) – There are a few perks of living in Michigan, such as lower movie-making taxes.  I actually was under the impression the powers that be had gotten rid of that tax break, but it seems certain productions are firing up around here again.  Rumor has it, Ryan was spending time at my new favorite Detroit spot, Cafe D’Mongo a few weeks ago.  I’m going to have to do a better job keeping my eyes peeled!  PS…


Kale (Food&Wine) – I’ve had about 3 experiences with kale now, and they were all yucky.  Still, it’s the hottest healthy food of the moment and I want it to be my friend.  Here are a few more interesting ways to sample it.

Kind Quickies: 10 Tips for Curing a Cold (The Kind Life) – Sick for the 6th time this month?  I hear that.  Here are a few extreme (vegan style) ideas for kicking it.  I’m about to try anything.

‘Real Money’ Secrets for Making Groceries Last Longer (ABCNews) – I shudder to think what I will spend when there are more than 2 people to feed in my household.  So far, my big contribution to saving grocery money was forcing my husband to switch to skim milk.  I really need this list.


2 thoughts on “Snow Day Small Plates of Ryan Gosling, Kale, And Money Saving Secrets

  1. lindsaynhyatt says:

    I am totally willing to try anything, and I do have a belief that if you bake/roast the bejesus out of almost anything, then douse it with salt, it will taste palatable. Gosling is great. He’s really grown on me since The Notebook. He wasn’t too bad in that, either 😉

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