You’re Invited To The Pity Party. There Will Be Pizza, Sleeping, And Red Velvet Trifle

I am straight up cranky today, y’all. That may have just been the first time I’ve ever said “ya’ll.” What’s with me today?! It’s a cold, grey Sunday, and I am not looking forward to returning to the blah life tomorrow. Believe me, I get it, life is what you make of it, but sometimes, it just gets tiring trying to make it all the time. Wa- wa- wahhhhhhhhh. Okay, I’ll knock it off with the pity party. In order to cut it out, I’m going to need some pretty strong self-help samplers, fattening comfort food recipes, and maybe some celebrity gossip. I’ll see what I can do.


Lessons from Mark Bello: How to Make Pizza at Home (Food&Wine)Mark Bello makes his living helping others make the perfect pizza. Now, take his advice home with you and get tips for all the ingredients, crust texture, and cheese amount. Or, say screw it and get the $7 LC Hot-N-Ready. Your choice.

The 7 Best Wellness Books for 2013 (Well+Good NYC) – With everything from weight loss tips (plug your ears, it’s Jillian Michaels), bringing sexy back, and mind-body wellness, you should be in much better shape by 2014, at the earliest.

7 Easy Things You Can Do For Faster, Better Sleep (Well+Good NYC) – I’m giving you a twofer of Well+Good because they seem to be reading my mind today. A fast arriving, better sleep? I think there are few people out there who don’t need that. I am definitely one guilty of squeezing out those last obsessive social media moments before docking my phone for the night!

How to Maximize Joy in Everyday Luxuries (Oprah) – Sometimes we’re good at this, sometimes we’re not. Notice, I did not see doing dishes on this list.

Snooki Loses 44 Lbs. After Pregnancy (People) – It seems like if Snooki can do it, anyone can. It seems like if Snooki can do anything at all, the rest of the population should also be able to, right?

Red Velvet Trifle Recipe (Paula Deen) – When you’re feeling down, I’m sorry, you gotta have real butter. Who better to go to than Ms. Paula Deen for something super bad, but super tasty. As soon as I get my perfect trifle dish…

Red Velvet Trifle, Courtesy of

2 thoughts on “You’re Invited To The Pity Party. There Will Be Pizza, Sleeping, And Red Velvet Trifle

  1. I hear you about sometimes getting tired of always trying to ‘make the best of it,’ but I really appreciate your collection of articles. Paula Deen’s recipe looks amazing and the Oprah article is encouraging.

    Your blog is so much fun (and helpful)! Always something new and insightful. I’m trying to be more consistent when it comes to updating my blog, but it seems something always comes up. How do you make the time? Any hints?:)

    1. Thanks for your sweet comments! Truthfully, this blog has become an outlet for my somewhat less than fulfilling “professional” life. My job is pretty mediocre so I find myself looking forward to blogging each night. It’s therapeutic for me. Writing is a passion of mine, as is a lot of “fluffy” subjects like television and music, so I like to keep it light and fun. I spend many a lunch break bookmarking cool things to talk about later on 😉

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