Love In The Lanes, A Detroit Love Affair, And Other Lost Cities

Good morning sunshines!  I mean, afternoon.  I did not leave my bed for an inappropriate amount of time.  It was good.  Although I seem to be sick AGAIN.  Pretty ticked about that.  I emerged and was treated to this gem, which I believe is the pinnacle of good marketing.

ESPN “Love the Lanes” ft. Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey – This. Is. Amazing.  For one, I forgot about this song, and it’s even better in 2013.  Two, I really, really want to watch bowling now.  That’s a first for me.



My late start was thanks to another unforgettable night in Detroit including good friends, a concert, and some imbibing.  I’ll share more about that later, but it’s reminding me what a great town Detroit is, despite its never ending struggles.  I find that I relate to it so much more than Ann Arbor.  I like the blue collar feel, I like a bunch of people in one city that are united in the fight and like to commiserate together.  I might have to move closer if I remain in the state of Michigan.

The ‘Other’ Corktown (Eat It Detroit) – My new love affair with Detroit is going to need a lot of guidance.  I don’t know much about the best nooks and crannies (some because I’m scared of them).  It’s not really our fault that we’re conditioned to be scared of what we don’t know, especially a place like the D, but I find I enjoy my adventures there every time.  This is an awesome site with the best of what’s going down in the Motor City.  I will frequent it often.

Death of the Foodstagram (Mashable) – I got this tip from the Eat it Detroit blog, crazy!  Turns out some restaurants are now banning customers from taking food pics.  I get it, it’s kind of rude in the same way it’s rude to sit texting at the dinner table.  I am always embarrassed to do it (thus my hurried, shadowed photography) and feel like it distracts from the general good time flow of a meal, but still- let’s not get our panties in a twist! I still love you NYC.

Top 10 Lost Cities (Listverse) – Relief!  Detroit, nor Buffalo makes this list!  Instead, some of the more exotic lost cities of the world, and I’m pleased to say I’ve visited at least one, and my husband has visited another! (*UPDATE- he informs me he’s visited THREE of these locations.  How dare I!)  The perks of being married to an archaeologist…

How Argyle Became Part of North Carolina’s Jerseys (The Dagger) – Something weird happened to me.  I’ve come to like and want to follow college basketball.  I actually (shh) find it more entertaining than college football.  Maybe it’s the upcoming brackets that gives us something to look forward to or my love of interactive sports games.  Anyways, I recommend this site because it gives you the rankings and info. with a side of fashion, stories about people getting their face stomped on, etc.  I need variety.


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