The Ann Arbor Sampler – Sadako

As I visit and revisit Ann Arbor’s dining scene, there are some spots I know will always be consistently satisfying, no matter when I go. Sadako is one of those places.
When I have a craving for sushi (always), I want quality AND quantity. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. I’ve been to many other places that feature one or the other, but less often, both. At Sadako, the menu is stocked with your favorite sushi rolls, plus many other exciting specialties that aren’t going to cost you as much as an entire pizza. Because Sadako is located on S. University on the U of M campus, it’s always bustling with money savvy students, and the young professional crowd at lunch time.

The atmosphere at Sadako is friendly and casual, without making you feel that you’re in a student-filled cafeteria.

As soon as your order is placed, you’re presented with a piping hot miso soup and a crispy Japanese salad. Complimentary! If you happen to find yourself at a sushi place that doesn’t give you free soup and salad, they had better be serving you the sushi platter of your life! Sadako’s miso soup is well seasoned and full of tofu and seaweed. Tasty and satisfying. Typically, I pass on the salad because of my indifference about the ginger dressing, but this time I gave it a shot and was pleased with the tangy, not too bitter creamy flavor. PS I was starving.
I always feel guilty at Sadako for my inability to order something other than sushi, simply because the sushi is so great that I’m never craving anything else! Today, my husband and I shared a platter of basics and an assortment of fried rolls. We were looking to be filled up! We chose a California roll, spicy tuna roll, spider roll, shrimp tempura roll, and a sunny roll. Everything was fresh and delicious. The fried rolls were delicate, not greasy, and very satisfying. The sunny roll, which included cream cheese melted in our mouths, almost to the point where we wished for a little more texture, perhaps some asparagus or cucumber.
Our server was prompt and patient when we decided to order another roll after our initial requests.

+ Sadako is the place to go for sushi if you like fresh fish, a large, budget friendly menu, prompt, friendly service, and a casual dining atmosphere. Try one of their Don bowls and let me know what you think!

Sadako is not for you if you hate the college student scene, or are not in the mood to find parking. Usually we find a spot out front, but on busy evenings, you’ll have to either hunt out a street spot or park in the structure a block away.

Sadako is located at 1321 S. University Avenue in Ann Arbor


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