It’s Never Too Early For Happy Hour

Am I already thinking about drinking? Yes. It comes along with the nature of my job. Am I considering a Bloody Mary with my lunch today? Why yes, yes I am.

While we wait for 5PM, let’s try and laugh it off with some classic Jimmy Kimmel. Of the late night guys, Kimmel was barely on my radar until the last couple of years when I really took some time to appreciate the uniqueness of his show, including the numerous celebrity cameos (always gets me), and my favorite, The Week In Unnecessary Censorship. I heard JK on NPR’s Fresh Air yesterday, and feel pretty happy for him that he was finally bumped back to 11:30. Well deserved!

If you’re familiar with the show, JK has forever had a running Matt Damon joke. Last night, Matt had his revenge.

Matt Damon takes over JKL



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