Winter Fashion, Sundance Film Festival Fun, and Ponies in Sweaters, Hurray!

Exciting things about today include that it’s nearly Friday, that Friday I’ll be taking in (another) Flogging Molly show at The Fillmore in Detroit, that I made it out to at least one restaurant for Ann Arbor restaurant week, and that my mom is being featured in a magazine. I’m not allowed to talk about that last one, but I can’t help be proud of my famous mama.  Lucky for her, I’m not in the 716, and so far, unable to get my hands on a copy!  A friend of mine posted today that there are 54 days until spring.  For some reason, that made me feel hopeful.  In the meantime, let’s keep looking for fun in the “white hot winter.”  That’s lame.  I stole it from E!. I’m trying.

Sundance Film Festival (People) – If you’re not sure how to look cute/silly/well coifed during these long, cold nights, take notes on this adorable flip book of celebrities tolerating the cold for one entire week, in their million dollar ski chalets.

Winter is for Streamlined Silhouettes (Lace and Lavendar) – Fall is normally my favorite fashion time of the year, full of boots and scarves and jackets.  Winter is a time many of us generally get a tad frumpy, and this is a great reminder how to avoid the ever unflattering layered wool pudge (cinched waists, my friends.)

Affordable Cuts of Beef (Food & Wine) – If you happen to be in love with a red meat enthusiast, you might find this one informative.  Though I’m not a big steak fan myself, I sometimes aspire to surprise my guy with a deliciously, perfectly cooked hunk of beef.  Problem is, one, we’re a little on the non-rich side, and two, I know nothing about cuts of meat.  Hence, this helpful article.

Elizabeth Banks Separates the Moms From the “Real” Moms (Hello Giggles) – Though not a mom yet, I fantasize about it plenty.  Mostly because I work in a school where I am constantly shaking my head at my perceived lack of parenting going on these days.  I have big plans for how to not fail my children.  Still, I know motherhood is not a picnic everyday, and this article is refreshingly honest look at how even the people who have it “easy” are struggling just like us “normal” people.

Ponies Wearing Sweatahs (Cute Overload) – You read correctly, and it’s exactly what you’d imagine.  Happy Winter!

Courtesy of Cute Overload

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