Reviewing ABC’s The Taste, Bach-less driving, and Streaming Puppies

It’s so damn cold out, and that’s what I’m blaming for my evening of leisure.  It was one of those days where I had 2 things on my mind: soup and blankets.  I achieved both.  On nights like these, I take pleasure in the simple things like various flavored teas, snuggling with a cute boy, and lots and lots of TV.

Last night, we taped the excruciatingly long premiere of The Taste because we’re suckers for food competition shows and Anthony Bourdain is my hero.  The Simon Cowell of food judgement.  In fact, I will be the last person in the world reading his book, Kitchen Confidential.  I’ll let you know how it is, 13 years later.  I also am the last person in the world that still says “taped”.

The Taste Judges – Courtesy of Pop Goes the Week

Back to The Taste.  I wanted to like it.  Contestants are given an hour (seems long in the world of Chopped, no?) to create a one bite taste for 4 chef judges, including Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludovic Lefebvre, and Brian Malarkey.  Brian Malarkey was apparently on season 3 of Top Chef and I can’t recall him at all.  He seems to think everyone should remember him though.  He comes off as a little douchey.  The judges decide upon a blind taste test if they like a dish, and proceed to hit a “yes” or “no” button, secretly.  The contestant comes out, explains his or her dish, and we sit as each judge explains their decision to the contestant, and hits ANOTHER button to most often tell them, no.  Unnecessary amount of buttons.  An hour into the premiere (one sitting felt daunting), we felt as if we saw about 3 chefs actually move on to a mentor’s team, a la The Voice, and decided to call it a night.  Now, as we sit here and finish the second hour, I’m wondering if it’s worth returning for another episode.  The inclusion of long, pre-taped back stories for nearly all of the contestants feels like an incredible waste of time when all 4 judges reject them.  There doesn’t feel like a lot of payoff here, almost to the point where no one cares when a judge finally selects someone to mentor.  Overall, frustrating.  What did you think?  Leave it after the beep.


Back off the Bach to Drive Safely (NPR) – So maybe you had 2 drinks at happy hour and need something soothing to accompany your very slow, deliberate drive home.  Do not do what feels right and turn on that classical music.  Classical music is not your friend.  And I’m legally obliged to tell you that neither is drinking and driving.

What Do Your Dreams Mean? (Dr. Oz) – If you’re like me, when you fall asleep -if you fall asleep- you have crazy ass dreams.  Maybe it’s about watching planes crash, maybe it’s about seeing all of the people you went to high school with, or maybe it’s an unfortunate dream involving Larry David (I’ll never live that one down).  They may mean more than you think..

Lindsay Lohan Turns Down DWTS Gig (Huffington Post) – SMH.

Live! Streaming! 24/7! Puppies! (Hello Giggles) – Take a deep breath.  You’re welcome.


3 thoughts on “Reviewing ABC’s The Taste, Bach-less driving, and Streaming Puppies

  1. Yeah, I saw Taste, too. I’m a sucker for cooking comp shows and I just got hooked on The Voice, so it seemed like a no-brainer. Pacing was off and there was too much “will the judge actually choose him/her” bogus drama. But I’ll probably watch more because Nigella’s pretty and Ludo’s accent is KILLER!!!

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