Small Plate Tuesday

I guess I have to bring it up, although I have nothing but love for m’lady.  Why B felt she had to sing along with a pre-recorded back track at the Inauguration, I’m not sure, but I imagine she had a good reason.  This is not an artist whose talent we question, and I can vouch for that, personally.  Did I mention I met her in Toronto, before she put on an amazing free concert in the middle of town?  It was a day to remember.  Maybe she had a cold.  Maybe it was because it was 2 degrees out.  Either way, I forgive.  This isn’t Ashlee Simpson, people!  Watch it again.  It seems to me that she is singing along with the track- I can hear her voice over it, and it sounds fine to me.

Beyonce Buzz- Was She Lip Syncing? (USA Today)

Somewhere inside of me, I found a burst of energy today and have been going nonstop since the end of work.  I decided to liven up the healthy eating by making 2-3 new recipes per week from some of my favorite WW friendly blogs.  I posted one yesterday, and I’ll share the second one now.  Emily Bites’ Skinny Spinach Artichoke Chicken was divine and so creamy.  It tasted like cheating (but wasn’t!)


My dinner for tomorrow is still simmering in the Crock Pot.  It looks promising and was so easy to put together.  Here ya go.

Crock Pot Picante Chicken and Black Bean Soup (Skinnytaste) – It’s literally -3 outside, not counting the wind chill.  Something warm and spicy is basically all I’m craving these days.

How to Remember You’re Actually Okay (HelloGiggles) – I stumbled across this today, and it seemed fitting, especially with the emotional tailspin I had last night.  Could you tell? 😉  This is a grounding reminder that everyone goes a little whack sometimes, and no matter how it feels- you’re okay, it will be fine, etc., etc.  I swear I was surprised when I saw Becca Rose actually asks herself “WWBD” in these situations.  I promise I have other hobbies other than Beyonce (sometimes).  Stick with me.

Get Busy Living – A super in your face, positive infused blog inspired by the Shawshank Redemption.  Really!


2 thoughts on “Small Plate Tuesday

    1. lindsaynhyatt says:

      Honestly, when Whitney did it, I had no idea. Granted, I was 8 and my team was playing in the big game (GO BILLS!! WOOOO!) Beyonce is so fantastic, I really hope she makes a point of NOT lip syncing at the Super Bowl and showing everyone a thing or two. Eff em!

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