Remember Who You Are

The best thing happened last night after I flipped from the marathoning Kourtney and Kim.  No, not that the Patriots missed the Super Bowl by more than one touchdown… that was a close second.  Who wants to see those cheaters in another SB matchup?


Anyways, I caught the second half of a childhood classic, The Lion King on ABC Family.  It is rare to be able to see one of those “glory day” Disney films in its entirety on cable, and if you’re like me, although you own all the good ones, they’re all on VHS and now rendered useless.  I happened to tune in at the exact right moment (funny how life does that), where Simba sees his father in the big cloud formation in the sky, and he reminds Simba of what he’d lost sight of.

Those words resonated with me.  Remember who you are.  That’s something I’ve struggled with since moving away.  I identify so much with my family, my friends, my sports teams, my hometown history that it sometimes feels like I’m a different person in Michigan.  On top of that, add a new last name and then it gets really confusing!  So who am I?  I am a girly girl (you wouldn’t know it from how I dress everyday at work).  I like to get prettied up.  I like a big glass of red at a bar that is way overpriced but chock full of ambience.  I like a girls night out with other like-minded girls who like to cut a rug.  I like writing.  I like theater, specifically musical theater.  Music is ignites my soul.  I’m a foodie at heart with a weight obsessive brain.  I like to laugh and I like to make people laugh.  I like to go out and run into people I know.  I like kids (when I am not forced to flush their toilet or shove them into a weighted vest they’d rather chuck at me).  I like to create.  These are all things that are easily forgotten in the day-to-day shuffle.  It was a good reminder to stop and remember who I am, and invest in that.  Who are you?

In the spirit of getting back to what makes me tick, here are a few topics close to my heart.

SHEI Magazine – I was going to save this for another post regarding fashion in your late 20’s, but one of my nitpicks about Ann Arbor is what I consider an overly casual adult population.  If you’re not a student wandering around in a mini dress, you’re a middle-aged person (or at least, you look like you are) schlepping it up in shrunken khakis, maybe a vest of some sort, Birkenstocks (or some orthopedic footwear/hiking/running gear), a backpack, and your hair is at least salt and pepper, if not totally grey.  Am I over generalizing?  Perhaps.  But I’d say at least 5 in 10 non-students on the street fall into my overgeneralization.  As I’ve gotten comfortable here, so has any sense of fashion I ever had, and though I am trying to keep the greys at bay, I am guilty of not giving a crap and end result, feeling like crap.  I was surprised to find this fashion magazine based in Ann Arbor, geared towards the college crowd, yes, but intriguing none the less.  It also features current events and locations in the A2, so I imagine I’ll be referring to it again in the future.

How to Choose the Best Yoga Mat For You – It’s all about getting reconnected, mind and body, and I know yoga is just one of the paths to take.  I am one who likes a tad more padding for the good old bum knee.  I found this article helpful.

Skinny Spinach and Artichoke Chicken – I love this recipe because it is super easy, sounds super delicious, and is skinnied!  Anything you can put together in one casserole dish is a weeknight dream.  When it comes out of the oven, I fully expect to feel like the culinary goddess I imagine I can be.

The Dirty Martini – I should have mentioned, next to wine, a nicely made dirty martini is one of my “signature” beverages.  I like this site because it provides you with some insight into the basics, and maybe some new mixes you haven’t tried before.

Obama Inauguration Style – In honor of the big day, I share this blog with you from PoP Goes Boston.  I adore Boston (add loves to travel to my identity list), and always admire the First Lady’s style.  Her casual but sophisticated and well-shaped looks are something I identify with (you won’t catch me in one of those “hip” flowing shirts that are so popular now) because I am a woman with womanly curves.  I don’t think you should put a potato sack on and call it cute.  Michelle Obama knows a thing or two about a perfectly fitting dress and her daughters are quickly following in her footsteps.

And now, your moment of zen:

Beyonce Sings National Anthem 🙂


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