Sunday Funday

So much going on today!  It is a true Sunday, fun day for the following reasons:

photo buffalo-sabres-logo Kim-Kourtney-Kardashian-Promo-Pic-Kourtney-Kim-Take-Miami-492x614 MLK

There is much to be grateful for today, and I’ve got lots of sampling to do.


This weekend has been a mix of feeling guilty, feeling strong, getting inspired, and enjoying life.  I spent much of the week feeling sorry for myself that my thousands of dollars in education debt has resulted in spending my days wiping the faces of snot-nosed kids and tying shoelaces.  It’s not what I envisioned for myself, for sure.  I totally feel for anyone out there who finds themselves in a similar situation, wondering if there is something else better, more fulfilling out there.  What I decided is, regardless of the crap we have to tolerate from 9-5, or 8:48-3:42, the key is building up life around those hours- something I have been pretty lazy about since moving to this town.  That will be a main goal from here on out.

The guilt has spawned from a week of eating my feelings (see above), and watching as most other people are kicking ass on their health and wellness.  January is nearly over, and I’ve done jack to get my mind and body ready for life, and if nothing else for Italy in July.  Really hope to spend more time this week getting inspired by the amazing people around me who are killing it with their workout routines and lightened up dinners.  This week is dedicated to all of you resolution warriors!

Lastly, I started to enjoy life when I finally found myself surrounded with friends at the christening party of a sweet little boy.  That’s the important stuff folks, and sometimes you need to stop and remind yourself of the good things.  The following samples are some of the good things:

Freshly Juiced Almond Milk – my dear friend, the Buffalo Foodie has taken juicing to another level with her homemade almond milk recipe.  In my mind, I will try it sometime, but likely I’ll just go over to her house on my next trip home and force her to make it for me.

Bachelor Recap – A former co-worker of mine pens this hilarious weekly “Bachelor Recap” detailing the salacious adventures of one man, and the gaggle of desperate women vying for his attention.  For the record, I once was a loyal Bachelor follower, but have lost interest thanks to unattractive, idiotic leading men and women.  Wait, they were always unattractive and idiotic…?  PS, also check out Greg Bauch locally, if you’re in the Buffalo area.  Funny!

Being Happy With Your Job – Always good advice, and if you can’t get out, or are waiting until the end of the school year to make your next move (me, I guess), it’s time to look for some extracurricular outlets…

10 Reasons You Should Have a Hobby Outside of Work – Maybe it’s skydiving.  Maybe it’s watercolor.  Do something that makes you feel good.  This is one of my big projects for the year, not only with this blog, but with other things I have been putting off doing due to finances, laze, or possibly even fear.  Just do it.  Life’s too short not to.



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