The Ann Arbor Sampler- Body Wisdom

From the moment I discovered Body Wisdom via Groupon for massage a few years ago, I was hooked. Hint: they still do a Groupon once or twice a year, $30 for an hour massage. So worth it! About a 20 minute drive from Ann Arbor, Body Wisdom is set far back from Main Street in the heart of Dexter. When you let yourself in, remove your shoes and soak up the relaxing ambience. Candles, soft music, nice smells, and always a large jug of citrus infused water welcome you. It is my duty to inform you about Kelsey, whom I refer to as “the miracle worker.” This therapist can get to painful spots in your neck you thought would never be reached. She is one of two people I trust in the entire country to heal my body, and my mind.

If you live in the Ann Arbor, spend the $65 (well underneath your typical therapeutic massage price) and take care of yourself. It’s worth it!

8009 Main St. Dexter, MI


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