Torso Chaps

We are on brink of a weekend, and a long one at that!  Hells yes.  Today, we celebrate the birth of our fabulous first lady, who celebrated by doing what many of us do on our birthdays, get bangs!

Happy Birthday FLOTUS! – I am a proud member of the We ❤ MO/MO’s arms fan club

THURSDAY HELPINGS:  I’m planning on a pretty in-depth DS coming up soon dealing with creating an awesome life despite being dissatisfied with one of the following: the crappy job you’re overqualified and underpaid for, your lacking social life, your debilitating depression and anxiety, your flailing love life, or your obsession with living anywhere but where you do.  I qualify for a handful of these, and it got me thinking how I have some serious time to put in over the next few months (that I am definitely slated to be living here, in my crappy, underpaying job) in order to stay positive.  More specifically, 6 months until summer in Italy.  Life’s not so bad, right?

But for today…

2013 TV Calendar Series Premieres and Winter Return Dates – Some of my favorite shows have or are ending, and I face the task of inviting a new series into my life.  I’m still undecided on what that will be, but in the meantime, here is a complete list of what’s coming up.  So far I am particularly pumped for Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.  Like I said, I can’t help it.

A Love Letter to 30 Rock – Tonight is one of the last of the 30 Rocks, and I cry silently into my wine.

The Eater- Where to Eat in Rome – Maybe you aren’t planning to eat dinner in Rome anytime soon, but if not, I highly recommend you put it into your calendar.  I’m very excited to make a return to Italy and The Eater has great food-related stuff, always.

Sleep Better While Sick with the Cold or Flu – I have been particularly effected this week by personal illness, and the illness of every human and child on the face of the earth.  My distaste for booger-laden children still attending school is the matter of another entry, but I figured I’d start to delve out some of the advice I’d really like to give to certain parents who shall remain nameless.  And I’d also like to stop coughing all damn night.

Jessica Simpson Pregnant Again and Dressing Inappropriately, Again – Please stop.  For the sake of us and for the sake of your children.

What Makes Us Love Celebrity Gossip – Finally, the reason why I can’t stop posting about Jessica Simpson’s distasteful pregnancy wardrobe.  Turns out, it’s because we’re all horrible people with insecurity issues.

*I hope you scrolled all the way down to find out what Torso Chaps are.  You’ll have to Google it.  Nope, never mind.  Don’t Google it.  Just watch School of Rock.


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