Top Chef : So Ticked About…

I’ve been diehard for Top Chef since season 3, but haven’t been this ticked off at an elimination in quite a while. If you haven’t watched yet, halt for spoilers.


They sent KRISTIN packing over the always slow, lazy, full of excuses JOSIE. It’s sick how she continues to skate by. I really felt Kristin could and probably should have won it all. The worst part is, I’ve been cheering for CJ on Last Chance Kitchen for weeks and now him and Kristin will go head to head, leaving me torn. That’s my tantrum. Do you think Kristin was robbed after Restaurant Wars?




5 thoughts on “Top Chef : So Ticked About…

  1. thefoodandwinehedonist says:

    Yes and no. Obviously I wanted Josie nuked outta there with Josh as collateral damage. But if u go under the assumption that judges don’t take into account past performance, there were enough reasons for Kristen to go.

    BTW – Sheldon ROCKED!

  2. ph0t0ch1ck says:

    I was SO upset! This was the second time I found myself yelling at the judges since I began watching this show (last time was about Beverly in the previous season, although even she deserved it a wee bit more than Kristen did this time around). It made me so furious that I had to write this blog post where I may or may not have blamed Padma

    Like you, my boyfriend and I are both torn for Last Chance Kitchen. Loved CJ and wanted him to come back but now I think Kristen HAS to come back and show Josie who’s boss.

    1. lindsaynhyatt says:

      I was fired up for Beverly last season, too! But you’re right, I think Kristin is definitely a more talented chef. Did you watch LCK yet? I haven’t.. I’m nervous to see who ends up pulling through. As for next week, Josie can’t possibly make it through another episode, right? Let’s cross our fingers.

      1. ph0t0ch1ck says:

        It’s so refreshing to know I’m not the only one! ^^
        I haven’t watched Last Chance yet. . . it worries me too. But for the love of all that’s holy, I really hope Josie makes and exit soon. Maybe the drama will be that Kristen pulls through on LCK and then Josie gets booted next week and they face off head to head. Wouldn’t that just be tantalizing??!

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