Dsmall Dplate Dwednesday

If you couldn’t tell by my silent D’s, I just returned from seeing Django Unchained.  It was good.  A little long winded, but that’s Tarantino for ya.  I liked the love story.  I liked seeing people from Lost in the cast.  I liked the Jamie Foxx.  And I liked the appearance of Ted Neeley.  That’s Jesus, to you!

Jesus Christ SUPERSTAR! (I have a major affinity for the 70’s)

See if you can Where’s Waldo him.  Truthfully, I found Machete to be more entertaining, overall.

Now, because of my “late movie” and my general distaste for everything that occurred during my workday, I will lay out the small plates and we’ll get on with our week.

Anticipated New Music Releases of 2013 – You’ve been waiting for the latest from Flea?  You got it.  We’ve got some things to look forward to, friends!

Kim Kardashian Scared of Pregnancy Weight Gain – It’s good she’s focused on the important parts of her pregnancy, and that she can take her mind off of being married to that other guy. Ah, you know I love those damn Kardashians.  #guiltypleasure

The 10 Most Annoying Concert Behaviors – In honor of being cooler and more interesting in 2013, I’ll start my 2013 concert intake next week with another round of Flogging Molly in Detroit.  If I happen to find myself in the first few rows, I will elbow you in the face.  Read up on other things that may ruin my concert experience, and knock it off.


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