Sometimes, You Get What You Need

It’s still January and there are still several weeks of winter ahead (get psyched), with our new year goals still on a roll (hopefully).  Your top sample today is everyone’s favorite, food tweets.  Some people get absolutely enraged when people Tweet/Instagram/Facebook pictures of their food, and others (the normal people), think it’s fun!  I’m one of the latter.  

Celebrity Food Pics & Healthy Eats – There is a little food stylist in all of us! 

Kourtney K’s breakfast. Don’t act like you’re not hungry.

TUESDAY HELPINGS:  Took a little break from the daily routine today to rest up/get healthy and get a few nagging to-do list items crossed off the list.  It was a welcome break in the nonstop pace of life.  Life is too short to work yourself into a heaped over slump of stress and fatigue.  It’s interesting how one free, sunny day gives back a little perspective, and heals your negative brain.  I am guilty of drinking from the half-empty glass more often than I’d like; my genes are not those of a naturally energetic and peppy person.  I think the majority of Americans have to work at it, which is one reason I’m always intrigued by those who are great at working at it.

How to Live a Miraculous LifeGabby Bernstein is an author I stumbled across thanks to a good friend of mine (one who isn’t normally drinking from the half-empty glass).  I found “Add More -Ing to Your Life” to be a fun and uplifting read, clearly geared at the “under 35” female crowd.  Sometimes Gabby is a little too uplifting for my likes (sometimes a person’s overzealous zest for life is a turn off, I get it), but overall, her message is great, and she provides you with hand-on ways to get what you want out of life.  I’ll update once I check out her latest book.

How to Be Happier in January Than in July – You will be rolling your eyes at the next few.  One cannot deny that despite whatever feelings you might have in favor of or against Oprah, she is a leading lady in the “live your best life” department, and I really respect her for that.  I get ideas frequently from her website and if I’m super bored, from her OWN Network.  

Blissfully Happy in 2013 – Blissful?  We’ll see, but this article is a quick reminder about the importance of the little things, and also a link up to The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin, another interesting read!

How to Radiate Positivity – Getting too hokey for you yet?  Try hanging out with a bunch of negative people, then try spending time with a bunch of people who see the silver lining.  Your whole experience changes.  If you are sending out the positive vibes, the world starts to bend in your favor.  Just try it, jabroni!

7 Reason to be Happy, Even When Things Aren’t Perfect – And when will they ever be?  That’s right folks, nevah!  In the words of The Rolling Stones, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you’ll find, you get what you need.”  It’s ridiculously true.


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