Miracle Monday With Random Sides

Here at the DS, your top sample will never be of all the bad news in the world.  You’re bombarded with enough of that.  So let’s kick off this shiny new week with some miraculous news!

Robin Roberts Returns to GMA Within Weeks! – Very happy to hear this.  Robin is the definition of a fighter, and I feel honored that she has been so open and honest, keeping viewers apprise of her recovery.  We can’t wait to welcome you back to our living rooms, soon! (GMA enthusiast 4 life.)



My ill-rested brain was all over the place today, hence this pu-pu platter of information.  Enjoy.

How Long Does it Take to Shake a Cough? – If you’re like 92% of people out there (made up statistic), you are disgustingly sick right now and inconsiderately spreading it to your co-workers and family members.  Read this, then go wash your hands!

Can Even Oprah Save Lance Armstrong? – In my opinion, NO.  I’m sorry, I never got caught up in the hype for this guy, who was a crappy role model even before he was caught doping it up. This is a man who left his wife and family after they helped him beat cancer, did the same to Sheryl Crow (during her battle with cancer?!), and expected society to look up to him because of his Livestrong Foundation.  Also, despite how highly he thought of himself, not hot!  Enough with the celebrity men thinking they can get away with anything (talking to you, Tiger Woods/Brad Pitt of 2004/any politician.)  Stop thinking with your… You’re not untouchable!

You're not hot and no one feels bad for you.
You’re not hot and no one feels bad for you.

Here- for good measure: Top 10 Reasons to Hate Lance Armstrong.  That’s about as feministic as I’ll ever get.  End rant.

Justin Timberlake Releases New Single: “Suit & Tie(ft. Jay Z)” – And it went #1 on iTunes overnight.  We missed you JT!  I sampled.  I liked.  Am I sensing a little Robin Thicke influence?


The Best Dressed List – It wouldn’t be a Monday after without the Best and Worst dressed list, am I right?  Flip through these and see if you agree.

The Worst Dressed List – I will never pretend to be a fashionista, so I will leave it to others to do the majority of the judging on who had it, who didn’t.  Believe me, I am usually sitting at home yelling at the TV, “Doesn’t anyone love you?! Why would you leave the house like that?”  I’ve already had one rant this evening.  I’ll leave the rest to Joan Rivers.



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