Live Sampling : The Golden Globes

– Anne Hathaway is too “surprised/oozing gratitude” for me to appreciate her win. Now expects Oscar. Shoulda been Sally Field.
-I will never grow tired of Will Ferrell.
-Tina&Amy bringing the female humor and I love it.
-Adele is the most adorable thing. I’m pretty sure Taylor Swift is pissed
-Was Silver Linings Playbook something I really should have seen?
-How did Jason Statham get invited?
-Did anyone else think Kevin Costner was going to announce his retirement and/or off himself on stage?
-Lay off the spray tan Lea Michelle.
-When I start my next TV show that I should watch but am not, should it be Homeland or Breaking Bad?
-Claire Danes/Megan Fox =babies less than 2 months ago. #whygodwhy
-Sacha Baron Cohen in Les Mis? Really?
-The guy from Brave: definitely drunk + cocaine.
-LOL and high five to Amy P hanging out on George’s lap. Take that Will.
-I guess I’m okay with Lena Dunham’s win. Not really interested in watching Girls, but definitely appreciate a real lady out there being successful!
– <3Robert Downey Jr.
-Jodie Foster. I think? I might? enjoy this speech. Mmm ok I want it to end.
-Girls. Again. Apparently I would "like it", so I'm told.
-Happy Affleck won. I actually saw Argo!
-Is JLo sitting at the table next to Affleck? I always forget Bennifer!
-Hugh. Friggin. Jackman. Top male specimen, ever. Yum.
-I will trade my husband one viewing of Les Mis for one viewing of The Hobbit. It's the only way I'll get out to see it.
-Is that it? I've already taken my NyQuil….
-All of the best actress ladies are stunning. So they all win
-Ah George. Better and better with time.
-DDL will always be from Last of the Mohicans, which I also have not seen yet.
-Yay Julia!
-I'm gonna close out by saying, wtf Target. Is this real attempt to sell sexy? Not a fan of the new campaign.


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