Skinny Saturday

I woke up with renewed vigor today, despite physically feeling only about 54% awesome.  I’ll take it!  I also returned to my 2013 playbook, if you will, to get going on some of my new year’s goals.  Raise your hand if you’re not attempting to lose some weight in the next 6 months.  That’s right, almost no one.  Even my most darling, tiny friends have at least 5 lbs. on their minds.  Therefore, I won’t feel guilty about loading up posts with inspiration, ideas, recipes, and innovative fitness plans.  I am always looking for fresh thoughts on the matter, but will also talk until I’m blue in the face about Weight Watchers and direct you to great Internet spots supporting it.  It’s proven, it’s real, and it’s realistic.  Links on today’s sampler will direct you to some great sites that specialize in lighter versions of your favorite dishes.  If I’m missing any of your favorites, send ’em in!

Jennifer Hudson – you can’t deny those results!

Emily Bites – A new favorite of mine, Emily Bites is enjoyable to read.  It has great food pics too (right or wrong, I am one totally drawn to “pretty” displays of food.  A 20-something gal with non-fussy recipes = exactly what I’m looking for!

Nutmeg Notebook – Tami shares with you not just WW friendly recipes, but healthy lifestyle tips that she has practiced herself.  I love this blog because it’s authentic and beautiful, and you almost imagine yourself in Northern California, hiking with Tami and her family.  All right, maybe that’s a tad cheesy (low-fat cheesy).

Skinny Kitchen – It’s been around for a while and invented by Nancy Fox, a lady who’s been all over the food industry (and featured on the Oprah show!)  So clearly, she knows a thing or two, and it’s evident in her very complete recipe collection.  You won’t be disappointed.

LaLoosh – Another tried and true favorite, I love LaLoosh because it has featured most any kind of WW-inspired recipe you can think of, and has archived them all in an easy-to-find way.  Looking for a 9 point dinner?  Easy.  Feel like Cuban this evening?  Just click to the right.

Danica’s Daily – Danica has lost 55+ lbs. on WW, and is a living, breathing example of clean living.  Another site with great pictures.  Keep scrolling!

Yummly: Vegetarian – If you’re of the vegetarian crowd, you’ll dig this site with very simple, fruit and veggie based WW recipes.

So, what’s for dinner?


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