Put a Bird On It!

Just barely made it to the weekend and here we are, sprawled out on the couch amidst blankets, random Christmas decorations yet to be stored, and Bailey’s infused hot chocolate.  Oh, just me?  Well if you’re enjoying your Friday night with a side of Flu epidemic/Strep throat, let me suggest Portlandia.  The first season: genius.  Second season: meh.  Beginning of the third season: back to its original glory.  Yes, I relate to it because I feel it mirrors my observations of life in quirky little Ann Arbor, Michigan, but also because it opened my heart to the hilarious Fred Armisen (wasn’t a fan prior to this).  It also has an assortment of ironic guest stars (and of course I’m using ironic, ironically).  If you’re not familiar, get up to date, and tune in tonight on IFC at 10PM EST.

Portlandia-608x240 Portlandia_Ep_103_Aimee-620x340 vedder_portlandia


Carrie Brownstein on Karaoke, Satire, and Portland – Quickie from Oprah.com on Carrie’s real life love of Portland.

Fred Armisen Answers Showrunner Survey – Somehow, I came to love this guy.

Portlandia and Great Moments in Hipster Bashing – If you’re not a hipster, it’s really fun bashing hipsters. From Grantland.com/Hollywood Prospectus.

8 Best Portlandia Food Moments – A little something for the foodies.  All I ever read about in Bon Appetit is Portland this, Portland that, so I’m sure they have some great dishes out there.  What hooked me on this show is the skit included in this blog!  Check it out.


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