Sweet Dreams (Or Any Dreams- Dreams Mean You’ve Finally Fallen Asleep!)

Let’s get it rolling with top samples of the day.  After all, the faster we get this one posted, the faster it’s Friday.  This week is starting to feel painful.

Oscar Nominations 2013! – As usual, I’ve seen about 1 of these movies, aiming for at least 4 more, and am mostly wishing Tina Fey could host them, too.

Taylor Swift Dumped, Heads Back to Studio– Oh NO! Here we go again.  As my Mom brought up recently, wonder if Taylor ever considered maybe she’s the one with the problem…? Jussayin.


In the first week back to reality, there is one thing I really, really want that eludes me.  One decent night of sleep.  I seem to be the world’s lightest sleeper with a knack for choosing the wrong pillow on a mattress that’s clearly between 7-10 years old.  Because of that, I’ve spent the last few days scouring for reassuring advice on how to make nice with my former best friend.  Here’s what I came up with.

How Better Sleep Keeps Your Weight Down– Like we need to feel worse about that topic!  Still, it’s science.  Thanks Haley Pasternak.

10 Ways to Get Better Sleep (and Maybe Cure Your Insomnia) – It’s all stuff we’ve heard before.  But you need to hear it again, because 1 in 3 of you are up at 3:30AM, with me.

How Often Should You Buy a New Mattress? – I’m crossing my fingers that a certain archaeologist clicks through on this one.  I happen to identify with the first few qualifications.  Believe me, there are about a million (well, okay maybe about five) other things I’d rather spend money on right now but, see first helping.

How to Find the Right Pillow – This topic has become the bane of my existence.  Really.  If you aren’t a side sleeper, or a back/stomach sleeper, you’re effed.  I am a side/back sleeper.  They don’t make a specific pillow for our breed.  But hang tight and start taking notes.  I’m on pillow #2 of the year.  Stay tuned…

Top 10 Tricks for Getting Better Sleep – I enjoy the Lifehacker.  These are simple, effective.  Maybe a tad repetitive.  But shouldn’t that mean we actually start following through?


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