The Imperfect Life

Most of the time, my hope would be you’ll come to The Daily Sampler to get news that makes you smile, laugh, or shiver like a leaf in amazement. From time to time, I get fired up about things (and then look out), but the majority of the time, it’s this kind of business that will be my top sample:

Genie Francis Returns to General Hospital as Laura! – I have watched since I was a wee one with my Mom. I’ll make no apologies. And since we’re on the topic, I’m very disappointed in Steve Burton. I adore him and was obviously a little heartbroken when he left GH to “raise his family in Tennessee”. Then, this. I feel kind of betrayed! At least be honest, Stone Cold!


I consider myself a recovering perfectionist. I still get the pang to try and do it just right. Wear the cutest outfits (okay, I never really accomplished this), be the perfect wife, a stellar friend. I’d have the cleanest home, a from-scratch dinner and dessert ready to go after work, and make it to bed early. With a pre-sleep meditation and yoga session. On a long weekend, with lots of coffee, that may happen once a year. That’s why I like finding blogs for the rest of us, the tired people who like to make lists and then look at them for awhile.

We Are Not Martha – I love these ladies, who fully admit to not being Martha Stewart, but enjoy the idea of pretending the best they can. I definitely relate to feeling overwhelmed with recipes, crafts, and DIY projects, but still am intrigued. These gals break it down, and make it less scary!

Maria Shriver – The lady’s had a tough year. But she is perhaps one of the saner members of the Kennedy clan, and has held her head high with dignity and grace. She’s got a great take on “The Anti New Year’s Resolution.”

Bad Home Cooking– Refreshing! I want to read everything she does, because I feel at a comparable level! She hasn’t seen an episode of Iron Chef or Rachel Ray and she doesn’t give a crap what you think about it! Real food, no judgement.

Love, Play and Learn– In the land of Pinterest, working moms, SAHMs, and even future moms feel the pressure to craft, craft, craft the bejesus out of their homes and their children’s lives. Because if not, they’re not really giving their kids the best life possible, right, right?!?!? It’s madness out there, and this mom shares her experiences as a first time mommy. One that acknowledges that maybe we can’t always do it all.


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