1st Monday Pain Reliever

It was a long time coming, but my luxurious 2 week vacation ended, and I was pushed back into the workforce today. That, plus a full day of travel yesterday left me a little less organized than I dreamed I’d be for my fresh start, new year and all that. Let me try to ease us into this week with a true hodgepodge of randomness.

FOLLOW UP: There’s been a lot of great feedback about Half Her Size. I want to thank Shannon again for being so sweet, and encourage you to pick up the latest issue of People. I did!


Courtesy of People Magazine

As a follow up, I’ve included a few other blogs that will leave you in awe, and feeling like maybe the 15-30 lbs. you’d like to lose this year is in fact, attainable.

Can You Stay For Dinner – story of a girl who has lost 135 lbs., shared her story, and includes beautiful recipes, pictures, and tips for life (including how to eat healthy while traveling!)

Cinema Fromage – What may have started as a horror movie blog (that’s still there, too) has transformed into a 100 lb. weight loss tale for an Indianapolis guy. His honest entries and detailed workout logs are relatable and informative.

ANOTHER FOLLOW UP, BUT ONE YOU WILL CARE LESS ABOUT: In the words of Lost, what happened-happened. I’m just going to try and go with it.

Doug Marrone Hired by the Buffalo Bills – Maybe it’s not as bad as Chan Gailey, Dick Jauron, Mike Mularkey, Gregg Williams, etc.

Oh, and hockey is back. This may be the perfect year to start caring about it. 48 games is much more manageable, and a lot less never-ending. Will the fans return? I know one place where they never left..the real hockey town.


Everything I Need to Know, I Learned From Chandler Bing – Self explanatory.

13 Random Celebrity Predictions From 2013 – Solid list.

HB Blue Ivy! – You will soon learn more about my girl crush on Beyonce.

Whenever you’re feeling down about your Monday, just be thankful you’re not Lindsay Lohan.


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