The Red, White, and Blue elephant in the room

No, I don’t mean America.  Or Congress.  Or fiscal doom.  I’m talking about a different kind of cliff that I’m hoping we can go over, that will plunge us into a deep, other-worldly, time-traveling warp.  It’s a cliff that would ?maybe? blast us into a new realm of potential, success, and dare I say it….?  The Superbowl.  Yes friends, I am speaking of my long-suffering Buffalo Bills.  I have been a silent observer the past few weeks and am now ready to delve into the Bills’ search for a new head coach.

As I’ve mentioned, the content driving this site will be topics, blogs, articles, etc. that I happen to find interesting.  You may not always agree- and I’m down with that.  It will be a frigid day in Hell before you see me blogging thoughts about MLB or the NBA, but football, is my sweet, sweet indulgence.  I will talk about it, usually NFL based (but sometimes college), and usually from the perspective of a Buffalo Bills fan.  Who’s that, you say?  The Buffalo Bills.  4-time consecutive Superbowl visitors, witnesses of SB performances by both Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston (double RIP), and now the NFL team with the longest playoff drought.  How did things go so terribly wrong?


It seems appropriate today to look towards the Bills’ future, as it is the 20th anniversary of the greatest NFL comeback in history, the day the Buffalo Bills came back from a 32 point deficit and beat the Houston Oilers, 41-38.  Ah.  Glory days.  Check out – The Buffalo News Remembers.

If you think I’m not aware that not only are both MJ and WH no longer of this world, the Oilers are in Tennessee, and the Bills haven’t been relevant since the last century, I assure you I am painfully aware, and frustrated by it.  But, back to the future.

The Prospects:

Lovie Smith- I address him first because he would probably be my first or second choice.  Many have said that his history of a defensive-focused game isn’t what we need.  Many would point out that he failed to take the Bears to the playoffs in the last 5 years.  Yet, the surprise firing of Smith was shocking and frankly, upsetting to many Bears fans, as well as the players.  Some players (Devin Hester) questioned whether they wanted to play under a coach other than Lovie Smith. (See the article here)  It’s that loyalty that intrigues me.  I’ve never heard anything but positive about him, and let’s not forget his Superbowl trip in 2006, and playoff run in 2010.  That was in THIS century.  I’ll take it.

Chip Kelly- Top of my choice board.  I’ll admit, I don’t know as much about Chip Kelly’s style, but I do know how exciting it is to watch the Oregon Ducks play football.  As my diehard-Ducks-fan cousin Eric points out, Kelly has helped contribute to the Ducks’ spectacular offense and even spent time the last 2 summers helping (sigh), the Patriots with their no-huddle efficiency.  Typically I’m skeptical about the college-to-pro transfer, but this one, I think I could get behind.

Which brings me to Doug Marrone from Syracuse.  Thanks, love Syracuse, but no thanks.  Not impressive enough.  We need impressive.

Ken Whisenhunt- NO.  That is all.

Mike McCoy- No more Mikes, please.

It appears Andy Reid is off the table and headed to KC.  Update here.  Just as well.  We will know soon enough, patient fans.



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