Resolution, smesolution?

I typically refrain from making sweeping New Year’s resolutions because I spend the entire year resolving to be a better, thinner, more in-control human, anyways.  Something about this year feels different.  Perhaps it’s the Italian superstition in me and fear that 13 is unlucky, so I have to go above and beyond to make sure it’s good, or maybe I’m just feeling inspired by the people around me.  Either way, I am going to break tradition and give a few select resolutions a real go.  Knowing that statistically, resolutions are generally forgotten after March (when the gym finally clears of the “riff-raff” members), I set out to find some advice for keeping resolutions well into spring, and if you’re feeling daring, maybe even late summer.

I stumbled across this blog entry from one of my new favorite sites to frequent, Hello Giggles.  Mary Traina is one of the smart ladies providing chuckle-worthy advice for real women.  This piece in particular makes “An Argument for Big New Year’s Resolutions”; a refreshing step away from the “take baby steps” approach, which can be kind of annoying and tedious.  I love Mary’s writing and fully expect to find even more gems coming from this site all year.

My husband suggested sharing something he heard on NPR today about Keeping our New Year’s Resolutions.  I haven’t listened yet, so if it sucks, you’ve only wasted 12 minutes and 33 seconds of your time.  The perfect amount of time to be on a stair stepper.

Breaking away from your losing weight/learn a language/read more resolution favorites, shift focus to your digital needs and read this article from The  There are so many tech things we should be doing that we (me) are putting off, and this is a guilt-inducing list that will surely push you to make it happen.

Personally, I know I am severely addicted to my phone, and therefore should probably take a little step back from all social media.  For those of you that feel the need to get a little more social media savvy, take a look at the 5 Ways Social Media Will Keep Your Resolutions Alive.

2 days down, 363 to go….


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