Blogs Wanted

Fresh start, fresh material.  I am scouring the web for really good stuff to feature on The DS.  I want it to be smart, interesting, funny, well-written, or hell, maybe even a little mean.  Opinions usually get a little wicked these days.  Some particular topics of interest:

Life as a Newlywed (pre-baby, if possible. Non-religious Jesus-y worshippy, if possible.  You’d be surprised how many Newlyweds are Jesus-y/worshippy.)

New mom stuff (all right, I’m mentally going there, just a little)

Sports, particularly football related

Regional stuff- what’s good in your neck of the woods?  Restaurants, shops, events, etc.

Gluten free business

Anything food– make it sexy!

Celebrity related.  I can’t help myself

TV/Movie blogs that are insightful.  I love me some arts&entertainment.

Fashion -but more so fashion for real people that like to wear things that aren’t too weird/fussy

I’d love to hook it up!  Send ’em down!


2 thoughts on “Blogs Wanted

  1. Thanks for the follow! I can definitely offer… uhm… unique perspectives on some sports, celebrities and the media. Not for the faint of heart. Also, if you search my site, you’ll find the occasional recipe delivered in my rantalicious style. Rock on!

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