The Yearly Sampler 2012

Here’s what you have to look forward to in just a year’s time: my rundown of the year’s best blogs, headlines, music, recipes, sports, and pretty much anything else I deem entertaining enough to make the cut.  Since we’re all still getting to know each other here, I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite spots on the Internet and why I like them, just to get you pumped for 2013.  There is a good chance you’ll see a lot of these places featured on The Daily Sampler, and an excellent chance you may see things you didn’t even realize were out there!  A lot of these are your basic hotspots, but you need to start somewhere, right?

The Newsies:

I am not a girl who believes in going to a pizza place for sushi.  That’s why I like my news from trusted sources, and I like it fast.  I want to see the headlines, know they are accurate, and pass over stuff I could give a crap about.  So of course, I head directly to CNN.  If CNN’s webmaster is taking a long weekend, I like to send a little support over to my favorite network, ABC News.  Now, I’m not saying there isn’t smarter, wittier, more opinionated stuff out there, but that’s what I’ll get to in the coming year.

The Celeb Rags:

It’s part of my mobile morning routine: news, weather, Facebook, and celebrity gossip.  Call me shallow, call me uninformed, but my guilty pleasure is shallow, often uniformed famous people and their drama.  There is a strange comfort that comes along with knowing Kim and Kanye are expecting a baby, all in the midst of a looming fiscal cliff that we are all going to tumble off of.  I need lighthearted, and I need to remember that my life is pretty damn good.  So, I turn to my favorites, People Magazine (the best of the best), E! Online, and when necessary (usually only to confirm breaking news) TMZ.

The Foodies:

Whether I’m looking up the perfect recipe or looking for a mid-week inspirational boost, I have a few spots that I love.  There are the basics, and mind you- I am interested in things that are a part of my life, so I get if you don’t agree.  I love The Food Network, Weight Watchers, and Smitten Kitchen.  I also have a passion for all things Buffalo, NY (you will likely get sick of this over time.)  Which is why you will see one of my dearest friends, Buffalo Foodie featured on the Daily Sampler.  She is a savvy, smart food blogger with a love for travel and homemade delicacies!  Check her out – Buffalo Foodie.

The Endzone:

I am a diehard football fan.  My NFL love comes first, but I also have a newly formed respect for college teams.  You will become generally annoyed with my relentless love for the Buffalo Bills.  It’s sad, but I was born into it.  I am now also a Michigan Wolverine, so you will often see me feature things that involve them (perhaps at the suggestion of my husband, the guy who trained me) 😉  There are a lot of great sports blogs to be explored, but I have gotten comfortable with a few convenient ones that link right up to one of my fantasy teams, the guys at Shutdown Corner.

Well, my NYE party is going to kick off in another hour and I still have a cheese platter to construct.  I look forward to the year ahead, bringing you a daily sampler of the many blogs, headlines, and hilarious occurrences that are sure to present themselves in 2013.  Have a safe and Happy New Year!


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