You Knew This Was Coming

When I don’t write at The Daily Sampler for long periods of time, there’s typically a few reasons why. A) Time. Like most people in these United States of not-enough-time, I too get bogged down with the daily grind, trying to decide what’s most important, and trying not to feel bad when I opt for […]

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Time Is Not on Your Side

Hi, guys. Thought I’d give you a little break yesterday to get out there and enjoy summer. You guys really need to cut back on sitting around on the couch, reading blogs. That’s what winter’s for! [This message may only apply to some people… {me}]. This week- the message is clear: GET OUTSIDE. EAT SUMMER […]

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The Politics of Television

So many things to watch tonight, and few of which I actually have access to. Ah the cable-free life. Ain’t it grand? Actually, I’ve done surprisingly well for myself and even somehow (gasp) don’t really miss TV. But, nothing worthwhile is on, so we’ll see how I do during fall premiere season. Tonight is no exception, […]

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The Art of Doing Nothing

First of all, for the first time in a long time, The Daily Sampler went daily this week. As in, I followed through with something. These first ones are a little painful, but hopefully as time progresses they will get easier. (Remember this? Ouch.) That’s the beauty of writing- even when you’re writing nonsense, once […]

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