Everything Old is New Again

When I thought I might lose The Daily Sampler, that’s when I knew I’ve been going about this all wrong. I’ve been so worried about growing the blog that I forgot the whole reason I started it: to write everyday. About nothing. The answer’s been inside you the whole time, Dorothy. MONDAY SAMPLES: It’s Monday, […]

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What is The Daily Sampler?

Oh. mygod. Okay.. that outburst is for two reasons. One- in case you were wondering, yes, The Rolling Stones were amazing last night. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m so, so happy that we were there to witness it. Only thing I’d change: could have used a little “Paint it Black,” “Heartbreaker,” […]

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This is Thirty, Plus One

I spent almost an entire year working up to being ready to turn 30, and most of that time was filled with dread. Once I arrived, (well- after recovering from that party…IT WAS A GREAT PARTY,) I settled into it nicely. And actually, I did in fact feel like I had in essence…arrived. 30 was […]

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Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time… Ah, the beginning to so many beautiful stories. I can tell you for me- today.. it means writing this entire blog post over again. I wrote a well planned and well thought out piece about stopping the wait. Stopping the hesitation. Then, I walked away from my laptop before I hit publish, […]

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Little Tasty Morsels

So maybe I better check and see if the domain “TheOnceEveryTwoWeeksSampler.com” is available. I adorably thought with my new job would come more time, but I was wrong. Still, only having minimal amounts of free time has made me savor it ever so much more, which is probably a good thing. Here are a few […]

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